Local x Global



A4ONE uses athletics in a variety of different methods and programs. We do this locally, in the Birmingham area, and in areas around the world.

We do all we do so that people would see the Kingdom of God


We bring the Kingdom to schools by establishing athletic programs or exercise during PE hours at  local schools in Birmingham that don't have the resources to pay for full time coaches and teachers.


We bring the Kingdom to local recreation centers by providing coaches to design and lead workouts. This creates life within these recreation centers that will subsequently produce a positive environment for relationships to continue to develop.

Relationships lead to empowering local men and women to see their own worth and value. Through these relationships these men and women will learn do the same with others in their communities in the years to come.


We bring the Kingdom by developing teams that coach sports year-round in neglected areas of our city as a means to be father figures to the fatherless and positive role models to those who have never been taught how to walk through the demands & responsibilities of our societies & cultures. 


We bring the Kingdom by financially supporting and partnering with a soccer club in Benjamin Constant, Brazil. Through our relationship with them, we are able to encourage, guide, & teach their leaders as they use soccer as a means to mentor and disciple kids in their city.


We bring the Kingdom through countless other avenues. Each day we uncover another opportunity to bring the Kingdom of God into the broken lives & environments of our city & our world, & we eagerly look forward to being able to partner with YOU to continue in this journey of redemption.

— The A4One Team