The Kingdom

Diversity (Autism, sexual abuse, addiction, brokenness and survival) was the only thing to describe what I saw when I looked around our indoor facility a few days ago. The Lord has provided a space where all are welcome and brought in to see the love of Christ through a simple avenue of a workout facility and his people being present.  One of our primary roles as the people of God is to welcome people into the kingdom of God.  In that kingdom there is value, worth, justice, redemption, equality, love, and worth and that is our longing daily in our space.  There have been 2 members that have lost over 40 pounds in the last 6 months, have experienced value and friendships, and a place where they can be confident in who they are despite any brokenness they might be walking through at that time.  One of my favorite books is called "flesh" by Hugh Halter and he says the following: The kingdom of God means that God is making things right: people get help; they have food on the table, protection from enemies, healing for diseases; and they will get a fresh start. The kingdom means that abuses stop, the poor are cared for, and everyone can be accepted into a true community of meaning and substance. For Jesus, it is about the kingdom of His Father bringing heaven to earth, adopting people into the family of God, calling them sons and daughters and friends. In God’s kingdom we are not just people He saves but fellow heirs of all that the King has. We inherit everything, including the privilege of working with Him to see His kingdom win the day. Now that’s good news!"

This is why we seek to create natural spaces for people to come in to and I am thanking the Lord daily for the opportunity of the work he invites us into with him.