The church in the amazon

"Our trip to the Amazon is based on a desire to love, and know Jesus deeply in areas and spaces that exist within the United States, and also in faraway places. The kingdom of God expands far beyond our scope and spectrum that exist within our local spaces. When going to Columbia and Brazil we get to experience the work of Jesus that is taking place through the people of God within that context. For us we get to see and love brothers and sisters that are a part of our family. To sit with them and encourage them as they encourage us by the lives they have chosen to live and the life we have abandoned when following Jesus. It’s always amazing to see that God exist through the walls and barriers of language and his spirit can work and move by our obedience to him. Getting to sit down and weep, cry, plead for God in our different languages while praying for one another and stirring one another to continue choosing Jesus is such a beautiful picture. These people who we call family have given their lives to the poor, and the neglected within their city. We are united with them in Spirit and truth, and testify of the Lord and his goodness. That his kingdom would take root in the foundations of our lives so that others would see the life and resurrection of our king lived out and displayed through his people. Our family is growing and extends throughout Leticia, Benjamin Constant, and into indigenous tribes deep within the Amazon Jungle. These are a people that we cherish, and hold strongly to. They encourage us and are symbols of strength, hope, endurance, and perseverance in the faith."