Rehumanization is simply the restoration of human dignity. This is one of our biggest desires in life. We long to restore what has been taken. We have a few boys on our football team who really struggle with this. They can't receive compliments and they feel like they're total failures when they make a mistake on the football field. Instead of making a mistake, realizing what went wrong and doing the correct thing the next time, they will shut down completely. Some cry. Some are too afraid to cry because they've been taught that they're not allowed to cry. There is one boy that struggles with this more than anyone else on the team. We had a major breakthrough a few weeks ago at practice. He made a common mistake that he has made 50 times this season. He got beat to the outside when he was supposed to keep outside containment and force the offensive player to the middle of the field where the linebackers would make the tackle. Not a huge deal in practice, it's the perfect time to make the mistake and learn how to do it correctly. He finally picked his head up, and with the proper encouragement of coaches who have taught him and cared for him over the past 10 weeks he didn't shut down. He didn't cry. He didn't get angry. He was frustrated, but he stepped right back up and did it correctly the next play. We were so excited to see this happen. Though it may seem small to some, this is a big deal. For the first time he was able to see what it was like to overcome the odds. To feel the joy of fighting feelings of shame and inadequacy. Over the past 10 weeks we have sought as coaches to restore the dignity of these kids. This is part of the kingdom. Jesus came and melted the cold hearts of people by his interaction with him. He touched them. He looked at them and loved them. Even when they rejected him. This is one of our roles. We thank Jesus for doing this to our hearts. He has made us alive. He has restored our dignity.