Next Generation

During the season we had a few kids on multiple occasions get in trouble at school.  One of them was our best player and by far the best leader on our team.  Many times, he was guilty by association rather than the initiator.  Nevertheless, he was a part of the group and was not taking a stand for the ones being oppressed or for himself.  We spent half of practice walking around the second time talking to him about leadership and that small decisions over a life time shape our character, who follows us, and what we sow.  Many kids grow up playing sports at the park, running around and having fun and most of them never have the intent to end up in trouble one day. One of the things we talked about is that leaders can create culture and change.  For example, a popular kid starts wearing a hooded sweatshirt, many will follow.  Another could be is that if they don't stand up for the oppressed no one else will either.  We talked about how a young girl in this case who was being made fun of because of her shirt/outfit and the teacher observed what happened and disciplined the kids accordingly.  We talked to this young man later explaining that women are a treasure and to be held in the highest regard, to be honored, and protected.  Fast forward to our end of the year at our banquet when one of our parents came up to us in tears to explain a story.  She explained a story that a young girl was getting picked on because her weave was messed up.  The young leader observed, looked at the two boys and said that they needed to stop.  They asked why, and he said because my coaches said we need to honor women and protect them and thats not what you are doing.  You will never know how far your influence goes unless you take the time to step out in faith and intentionally mother and father someone who is not your own.  Whether that be through sports, coffee, landscaping, teaching, work, or friendships.  The Lord has created many different avenues for this to take place, WE just have to listen, trust, and obey.