Experience with Cross Training

When you are considering joining a gym, especially a gym that works out in a small group, one of the first things we think is will I "fit in?" I had that same thought with A4One. I'm a very outgoing person, but I think my fear stems from doubting if people really care about me and my health, so, if I'm thinking this then others are too. A friend of mine had already been working out at the facility for a few months so I was just accepting his invite to check it out. My first day I was nervous (keep in mind I'm letting fear get to me), I walk in about 15 minutes late, so I didn't even get the chance for my friend to introduce me to anyone. I stick my head in (literally I just peeped my head in) and immediately I hear, "You must be Chase, jump in and I'll show you what to do." The workout was hard, yet fulfilling. It was fulfilling because people that didn't know me at all were encouraging and pushing me the whole time. I could tell their encouragement was genuine and authentic on the first day. So on my first day that fear was transformed into a hope that there are people who care about me and my health. Now almost five months from my first day I can still say that I have confidence and new friendships that push and encourage me to be a better me for me and the world around me. Not only am I getting great exercise, but I'm also getting people that care about me, and that's hard to come by nowadays. 


- Chase M.