Tee Ball

Our tee ball team wrapped up the year losing in the second round of the playoffs to Fairfield.  It was an incredible year filled with intense one run games and running the bases backwards.  The Lord taught us so much about patience and that we are so not in control!!

We finished our year with a lake party and spent some time swimming, tubing, eating, and fellowship.  We also took time while eating telling the kids how proud of what they had accomplished in a year and how excited we were moving forward.  This team was made up of some incredible young boys and it was a joy getting to be with them.

 We prayed all together for friendships, protection, and unity as families as our kids grew up together.  The Lord did a lot this year and continues bring unity with time, consistency, and faithfulness.  The Lord is good and he will continue to use us if we allow Him.

Please pray as we move in to football as we will continue to be with the same kids and families we have been with for a few years now.  Please pray that the Lord continues to break down barriers and that he uses us to display his love.